Basketball Hall - South Melbourne Primary School, Victoria, Australia

IP/IK Protected Light Fittings


LED light fittings have become vital in our daily activities in various spaces and places, from our bedrooms to stadiums. LED lights are installed in offices and schools to maintain workers’ and students’ productivity and reduce fatigue. Many stores install light fittings in retail to empower their brand image. Effective lighting is also able to highlight product displays.

Ingress Protection (IP)

Ingress Protection rating is an electronic object protection classification issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60529. The rating system consists of a two-digit number that determines the level of protection. The first digit indicates the protection against the ingress of solid objects, and the second digit indicates the protection against the ingress of liquid and moisture.

Ingress Protection Chart

Why are IP ratings important? As LEDs are regularly used in various environments, appropriate protection is needed for LED light fittings to work optimally, avoid risk, reduce the need for repairs and maintain product lifetime. In wet environments like bathrooms, where LED light fittings can be exposed to water splashes, a certain IP rating is needed to provide users safety. Similarly, LED lights installed in outdoor areas vulnerable to rain and dirt require a higher rating to reduce the risk of damage and danger. Ingress protection can also prevent light-attracted insects from entering and getting trapped inside outdoor lights.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting
Due to the increased risk of contact with water, the light fixtures in the shower will require a higher rating than the fixtures above the sink.


Outdoor Light Fittings

Outdoor Light Fittings
By providing ingress protection, outdoor lights can also keep insects that are attracted to light from entering and getting stuck inside.

Impact Protection (IK)

The IK rating is an international classification for the protection of electronic objects against mechanical impact issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62262. Similar to the IP rating, the IK rating also consists of a two-digit system that determines the level of protection.

Impact Protection Chart - mLight

For instance, LED light fittings with a high IK rating are generally used for environments with a high risk of external impact or vandalism, such as sports halls, subway metro stations, construction sites and prisons. Indoor sports halls require proper lighting for fast-paced and high-accuracy activities, such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and other sports. Impact resistance for light fittings may be overlooked for a sports hall, but the risk of sports balls or other objects hitting the fixtures with considerate force is high. The appropriate IK rating will ensure that the fixture does not break or fall and continues operating normally.

Basketball Hall - South Melbourne Primary School, Victoria, Australia

IK Rated Light Fittings at Basketball Hall
South Melbourne Primary School, Victoria, Australia

To summarise, before choosing the suitable IP and IK rating for your light fittings, we start by identifying the function and requirements of the space you are designing. Applying the appropriate IP and IK ratings will ensure maximum protection for your light fixtures and the end users.

Mlight offers a series of IP and IK-rated light fittings, such as Siguri, Kleo X Range, and Ligera Range, for your projects. You can contact your local product consultant or our projects team if you have any queries about choosing the right light fittings for your business.

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