The Polar’s three fitting rotation and indirect lighting options allow for a broad spread of light to dance off all four corners of your meeting rooms, corridors and stair wells.


77mm W x 76mm H



The Polar LED is quintessential mLight luminaire, reminiscent of our most successful product the Advance LED. With fully customisable lengths, and three fitting rotation options customising the beam angle, the Polar is sure to turn heads. Best practice design allows for the full beam of the LED to be utilised, creating a broad spread of light bouncing off the walls and ceiling. Double diffusion eliminates hot-spotting providing consistent, uniform light spread across the diffuser.


Line drawing is indicative only
  • Three suspension points to mount the profile from
  • Optional indirect lighting capabilities
  • Numerous lumen packages and driver dimming options available, including DALI and SwitchDIM
  • A wide array of finishing options including powder coat colours, as well as anodised
  • Tuneable white lighting available


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