Electrical Engineering

Construction, Operations and Maintenance department budgets have become much tighter in today's climate, so we pride ourselves on offering great value for money products and automation solutions that help your engineers manage and supervise the activities they need to carry out - and look good doing it.

Our custom-manufactured products help building owners and managers cut energy costs, reduce the carbon footprint, improve safety, and enhance the overall built environment. Smart lighting management for smart buildings is the future and all our solutions are ready for integration. mLight’s products are available across four categories:

1) Automation & Visualization – Monitor all remote building automation equipment, see instant or live performance reports, and optimize the real-time lighting scene with a smartphone or kinetic wall switch;

2) Energy Management – Cut energy costs by selecting the right power for the right lumen output – with AI adjusting this over the long term;

3) Asset Management – Learn about your lighting investment (current status and lifetime performance prediction);

4) Safety & Security – Safer work areas with motion tracking and easy integration with best-in-class emergency lighting systems.

Engineer Projects