Our Story


mLight Pty Ltd is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing high quality linear LED lighting for commercial, healthcare and education applications nationwide. Founded in 1992 and 100% Australian-owned, our specialist design team incorporate the latest in innovative technologies in our diverse range of affordable extrusions, profile sizes and finishing options. When you match this with our commitment to working collaboratively with our client’s right through from conception to installation, you have everything you need to integrate light with life beautifully.


“As the Founder and Managing Director of mLight, an Australian-owned custom lighting manufacturer based in Melbourne, I have seen many changes in the commercial lighting industry since first establishing the business in 1992.”

“I believe the only way we can continue to lead is to be innovators rather than followers.”

“We’ve come a long way since working out of our garage and now distribute Australia wide and are exploring collaborations with commercial partners across the globe.”

George Toth
Managing Director

Australians have always been innovators and risk takers.

My talented team specialises in designing and manufacturing high quality custom linear LED lighting for commercial, healthcare and education applications. I see great potential in the custom work our engineers and specialists develop with our commercial clients.

Having expanded our engineering and Research and Development (R&D) team two fold each year for the last 3-5 years, we plan to make a difference in Australia and across the world to ensure we remain competitive with overseas products and organisations.

Our extremely dedicated team continue to provide new ideas and applications for commercial lighting solutions for Architects, Designers and Engineers.


Our product is 100% designed, tested and made in Australia. The mLight team – from the first interaction right through to delivery – prides itself on our quality and attention to detail. Every project is specialised and requires awareness for the product details, as well as its final destination at every stage of our sales and manufacturing process.

Our Vision

To be recognised, trusted, and preferred for providing beautifully resolved lighting solutions.

Our Values

Can-do, collaborative, considered, and committed.

Our Purpose

To integrate light with life beautifully.

Our Promise

A seamless integration of light with life.

Our Practice

Innovative lighting solutions design for optimal user-experience and case of integration.


Client Focused

Pride ourselves on being the best choice for our clients and we hold true to our core values to help guide us.
Rennovate Rooms

Assertive & Confident

We are confident because of our training, expertise and measured preparation process, lots of discipline and hard work.
Rennovate Rooms

Supportive & Positive

We are eternal optimists but always aim to be genuine in our communication with ourselves and clients, no matter the situation.
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We value authenticity in the workplace and among our peers. We always show up with our critical thinking skills dialed up and our game face on.
Rennovate Rooms


Our way of recognising and adapting to new situations - both negative and positive - gives us real satisfaction to know we can solve anything.
Outsourced Service


Our world is a busy planet, moving all the time and in constant motion. To better ourselves and others, and to keep our creative juices flowing, take time daily to stop and reflect on what we have done, and where we are going.


mLight believes in giving back to the community and contributing to a sustainable future for the sake of future generations. Human-caused climate change is real and efforts to combat it with eco-friendly manufacturing processes, recycling and mitigating waste are just as important to us as energy efficiency. As part of this mission mLight is aligned with two key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs): UNSDG 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy aims at ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. UNSDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production aims at ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.