Zelle Lighting System

The Zelle Lighting System bewitches your design with low glare optics, and interchangeable attachments in an easy magnetic track allowing for true freedom in flexibility.

Zelle Lighting System

74mm W x 52mm H

A metamorphosis in lighting has begun.

The innovative initiative by mLight is crafted with care for modern commercial and education spaces. The Zelle bewitches your design with low glare optics, interchangeable attachments in a simple magnetic track and a range of multi-coloured finishing and mounting options. Enjoy the various distributions, indirect lighting capabilities, as well as multiple lumen packages.

Your spaces are alive and ever-changing, and now there is a beautiful lighting system that transforms with them.

Become part of the evolution. Experience true freedom in flexibility with the Zelle Lighting System from mLight.

Line drawing is indicative only
  • Made to order with custom lengths and mitre joins available
  • The Zelle's profile encapsulates a magnetic 48V SELV track
  • Simple and easy to use interchangeable attachments available, including:
    • Fixed spots, 38mm diameter, available in single (43mm in length) and triple (46mm in length) spot
    • Adjustable spots, 38mm diameter and 50mm in length, 60° tilt, 370° rotation, available in single or double spot
    • Linear modules with glare control optics in 566mm and 1126mm lengths
  • Optional indirect lighting with uplight-optimised distribution
  • A variety of lumen packages and colour temperatures for a complete solution

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