Track System Suspended

Direct/Indirect wire or rod suspended magnetic SELV track, offered with a selection of optional LED attachments.

Track System Suspended

26.2mm W x 27.25mm H


Click here for more mounting options. Direct/Indirect wire suspended, or rod suspended magnetic SELV track with optional indirect lighting in powdercoat black or white. Choose from an array of easy to use interchangeable attachments, including fixed spots, adjustable spots and a range of linear modules.


Line drawing is indicative only  
  • Optional indirect lighting
  • A range of mounting options available, including:
    • Wire Suspended
    • Rod Suspended
  • Simple and easy to use interchangeable attachments available, including:
    • Fixed spots, 38mm diameter, available in single (43mm in length) and triple (46mm in length) spot
    • Adjustable spots, 38mm diameter and 50mm in length, 60° tilt, 370° rotation, available in single or double spot
    • Linear modules with glare control optics in 566mm and 1126mm lengths


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