Evelo Linear

Exuding effortless elegance, the Evelo has glare free optics, a thoughtfully recessed light source, a variety of beam angles, indirect lighting capabilities as well as different finishing, joining and mounting options.

Evelo Linear

54mm W x 74mm H



The sun has set on working under uncomfortable, graceless lighting with little control over the light distribution. Using glare free optics, a slim profile and a thoughtfully recessed light source, the Evelo is a mLight illumination solution at its finest. Exuding effortless elegance, the Evelo gives you the means to effectively customise beam angles, conquer the cave effect with even up-light and achieve even greater heights of creativity with different finishes, shapes, lengths and linear diffuser modules. There's a new era of light dawning - take back control with the Evelo.


Line drawing is indicative only
  • Glare free task lighting with a thoughtfully recessed light source and a black or white louvre
  • Create custom lengths or choose single modules to surface mount, recess or suspend
  • Numerous lighting options including diffuser, blanks, and optics with six different direct and indirect beam angles
  • Numerous lumen packages and driver dimming options available, including DALI and SwitchDIM
  • A wide array of finishing options including powder coat colours, wood finishes, as well as anodised


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