Swerve 47

With its seamlessly lit diffuser, indirect lighting capabilities and array of configurations, the Swerve 47 provides customisable straight and curved decorative lighting that broadens possibilities for designers, architects and engineers to unleash their creativity.

Swerve 47

63 mm W x 80 mm H

Light, as you imagined. The Swerve 47 gives you the freedom to curate and show your aesthetic identity. With our evolving technological advancements, we have expanded the Swerve range to include more sizes, shapes and mounting options. The Swerve 47 is sure to compliment any interior environment like never before. Be bold to bend and sculpt lighting designs as you imagine.

Line drawing is indicative only  
  • Seamlessly lit curved and configured decorative lighting
  • Compatible with mLight Touch integrated smart lighting ecosystem
  • Multiple mounting options including surface mounted, suspended and recessed
  • Numerous lumen packages and driver dimming options available, including DALI and SwitchDIM
  • A wide array of powder coat finishing options, including decorative timber, concrete and rust
  • Available in a larger 76 mm width for those higher ceiling and spacious interior applications

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