What is Specta AI?

SPECTA AI is mLight’s newest spotlight lineup for 3-circuit track systems. Powered by the latest AI technology and sensors, SPECTA AI automatically assesses the environment and finetunes the lighting to enhance the colour rendering of the product on display.

SPECTA AI also provides data collection for physical store shopping behaviour and an energy management system to optimise your in-store lighting experience.

Potential Sectors

  • Car Dealerships

    Amplify the attractiveness of cars on display by spotlighting their defining features with superior illumination and refined colour enhancement.

  • Fashion & Boutique Stores

    Paired with CRI95+, our AI technology swiftly analyses and adjusts the lighting CCT to enhance the colour saturation of products on focus. It also captures essential information about your store to support and improve store and product performance.

  • Furniture & Homewares

    By enhancing the visual representation of furniture, SPECTA AI technology helps present products more appealingly while guiding customers to choose products tailored to their preferences.

  • Supermarkets

    Enhance the lighting for every product displayed to enhance its freshness, colours, and textures, making it more appealing to shoppers.

SPECTA AI Key Advantages

  • Adaptive Light Spectrum

    SPECTA AI utilises advanced AI technology to analyse and modify the light spectrum based on a commodity’s detected category and colour, improving colour rendering for each item.

    • Automatic Mode: SPECTA AI automatically adjusts the light spectrum based on object analysis and allows for response time customisation.
    • Snap and Tune: Snap an image of your product display with the in-app camera to allow SPECTA AI to detect your product’s colour and let it tune the colour accordingly.
    • Master & Slave: Set one SPECTA AI spotlight as the master so other SPECTA AI spotlights can follow its adjustments.
    • Smart Lighting Control: Adjust CCT, hue, and lumen output via the app to achieve the desired lighting.
  • Physical Store Data Collection

    The SPECTA AI system gathers real-time essential info from your physical stores, providing insight to help support and improve your store or product performance.

    • Improved Sales Performance: Stores can identify sales strengths and weaknesses by investigating gathered data through SPECTA.
    • Optimised Inventory Management: Efficiently manage the store inventory activities based on shopper purchasing trends data.
    • Elevated Customer Experience: Pinpoint high and low-traffic zones through shopper dwell times, allowing adjustments to improve the overall shopping experience.
    • Tailored Marketing: Segment customer types through collected customer numbers to reach relevant customers with targeted campaigns and offers.
    • Competitive Advantage: Utilising gathered data, stores can gain insights to elevate the shopping experience and drive sales growth, giving them a competitive edge.
  • Energy Management

    SPECTA AI automatically senses and adjusts the illumination level based on area activity and intensity. This innovation maintains ideal illumination while reducing energy usage, CO2 emissions, and operational costs.

    • Enhanced energy efficiency with AI: SPECTA AI algorithms automatically adjust the brightness based on the area’s occupancy detection, ensuring the lights are always ready to illuminate while also intelligently conserving energy.
    • Vacancy light level and time settings: Customisable brightness level and duration before the lights dim from their original level when the area is unoccupied.
    • Real-time detection and control: SPECTA AI spotlight detects the situation in real-time and adjusts the lighting level based on the data it receives, providing immediate and responsive control over the lighting conditions.
  • Configure Easily.

    Configure and position your SPECTA AI spotlights without hassle.

  • Narrow to Wide.

    Create impressive lighting scenes by adjusting contrasts and highlights with our selection of three beam angles.

We also offer a non-AI version of SPECTA, along with our signature linear attachments, allowing you to achieve an elegant yet flexible lighting setup. If you’ve got any questions about which lighting solution is right for your project, feel free to get in touch with our local product consultant or our project team.

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