Compact enough to squeeze into the smallest spaces, this little linear LED adds a touch of ambient strip-lighting luxury with CRI 90+ and DALI dimmable abilities.


18mm W x 18mm H


They say great things come in small packages, and the mLight Nano LED is proof of that. Compact enough to squeeze in the smallest space, this little LED adds a touch of luxury anywhere that first impressions matter and a 'wow' factor is a must. The Nano encloses LED strip light that can be ceiling mounted with adhesive tape or mounting clips. The Nano easily accentuate feature walls, create cosy cove lighting or illuminate under and around different elements to create an unparalleled elegance in your space.

Line drawing is indicative only
  • Compact profile size making it the perfect ambient lighting solution
  • Surface mount to suit your project with clips or adhesive tape
  • Numerous lumen packages and driver dimming options available, including DALI and SwitchDIM
  • Your choice of RGB, white or tuneable strip lighting
  • A wide array of finishing options including powder coat colours, as well as anodised

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