Unispace, Victoria, Australia

For the hive of creative thinking designers at Unispace, we created a lighting solution to match their thinking-outside-of-the-box approach.

The Unispace office is a hive of creative thinking, where talented designers strive to find new and unique ways to meet the needs of their clients. Unispace wanted to come up with a lighting solution for their Melbourne head office to match their thinking-outside-of-the-box approach to their work.  NDYLIGHT worked collaboratively with Unispace to provide a curvaceous lighting design that broke free of the straight-line approach to office lighting. We at mLight, introduced the Swerve LED system to the team and the flexibility of the system and mLights commitment to delivering on the vision allowed the design to be realised in full.  As well as being a powerful luminaire, the Swerve is an interior designer’s dream, being fully customisable to any space. We can curve both the fitting and the LED in any number of shapes, which is how we created the stunning Y-joins seen at Unispace.  Swerve’s flexibility allowed us to outline the work spaces around the office, providing a bright space to facilitate their designers’ bright thoughts and unifying the furnishings with the interior architecture. The shiny finish on the ceiling also resulted in a gorgeous, electrifying reflection of the installation.  Our Swerve LED is here to inspire creative minds, from interior designers to those under its beam. It’s the new box to think outside of.

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