Wurdi Baierr Stadium – Surf Coast Shire

  • Architect Mantric
  • Lighting Solutions Kleo,Fortavo,Arcoflex
  • Builder Nicholson Construction
  • Engineer Cundall
  • Wholesaler CNW Electrical
  • Location Victoria, Australia

Wurdi Baierr Stadium – Surf Coast Shire

A unique light fitting look to elaborate with one of the biggest construction in Surf Shire Coast, Mlight 3D mitre join gives a seamless custom design that follows the ceiling design of the Wurdi Baierr Stadium’s Lobby. It successfully offers uniqueness in design to illuminate the Lobby and the stadium’s exterior.

Arcoflex is the most appropriate external solution for a heavy-duty outdoors facade, enhancing the stadium’s facade while offering the best IP Rating to protect the luminaire. Even with a remarkable structure, our team prepared the fittings to make the on-site installation easy, and the product minded the design as expected.

Architect: Mantric

Builder: Nicholson Construction

Engineer: Cundall 

Wholesaler: CNW Electrical