SEMZ Head Office

SEMZ Head Office, Victoria, Australia

The highly committed team at SEMZ is creating a legacy for their clients and future generations. It was our great pleasure to show the same level of commitment to the lighting design of their Melbourne office.

The high level of commitment SEMZ shows to their clients is reflected in the finest details of their Melbourne office’s lighting design.

Providing high-level executive property management services, the SEMZ team is creating a legacy for their clients and future generations. Their commitment extends beyond matching objectives to outcomes, and this in-depth understanding leads to a uniquely tailored experience for all their clients.

It was Adrian Marturano, an mLight Product Consultant’s, great pleasure to show the same level of commitment that SEMZ shows to their clients, to the lighting design of their Melbourne Office. After consulting with SEMZ Project Manager, Tom Haylock, Adrian began working on a design that would provide the ultimate low glare solution with a touch of ambient lighting luxury.

As you walk into the office, you’re greeted by comfortable banquette seating. Here, our Advance LED was mitre joined into a broken hexagon over the table. This reflects the SEMZ branding and offsets the balance in the space to create visual interest. By powder coating the body of the Advance in black, it blends in with the ceiling and allows for the illumination of the light to truly shine.

While Adrian carried this style through to the conference room, he chose to wire suspend our Kleo LED and customise it with a low glare louvre and DALI dimming to illuminate the sit-stand desks. This ensures the desks can be used dynamically without negatively impacting on user comfort.

Adrian says “Even with the right level of lighting over the working areas, black ceilings and dark furnishings can make the space feel darker than it really was. So I added a small number of supplement luminaries to lift the overall ambience of the space without increasing the glare factor.”

For this, Adrian chose our small Nano LED and surface mounted it to provide a gentle glow above the utility benches in the kitchen and main office space. But in both the Director’s offices, which are smaller spaces with low ceilings, Adrian took a different approach.

“Low ceilings can reduce a lot of options when it comes to task lighting,” Adrian says “and our Pico LED can provide the perfect solution.”  The Pico’s thin profile and lumen package range means it can be tucked away and surface mounted over the desk, without taking up valuable space.

The same could be said for the desk space in the collaborative working area. Here, Adrian recessed our Advance LED to eliminate a visual element that would clutter the space and detract from the design of the vertical lines of the nearby meeting room.

Tom describes the final design as “modern and new,” and “not your standard lighting design”. He loves the effectiveness of the design and the spatial flexibility they have throughout the office as a result.

Tom went on to say “Adrian and the team at mLight are now more than consultants or colleagues – they are now friends.” He appreciates how the mLight team are always approachable, responsive and open to working together with you to reach your desired outcome.

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