Northbourne Avenue – ACT Govt Offices

  • Architect Bates Smart
  • Contractor Bloc Constructions
  • Electrical Contractor Martin Donnelly
  • Lighting Designer F-POV
  • Electrical Engineer Rudds Consulting Engineer
  • Lighting Solutions Swerve 76

Northbourne Avenue – ACT Govt Offices, Dickson Interchange, Canberra

Our challenge was to deliver a seamless run of recessed lighting following the contours between a wooden panel ceiling and aluminium fascia of a beautiful multi floor atrium.

mlight successfully collaborated with the Bates Smart architectural team to tailor our Swerve 76 recessed fitting to accommodate F-POV’s custom lighting design into the project. The result is a magnificent architectural space where there is a substantial amount of natural light and a fully illuminated common area. The lighting successfully accentuates the beautiful contours of the handrails below and the floors above whilst creating a pleasing workplace.

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