Leopold Community Hub

  • Lighting Solutions Advance
  • Photography Rob Letizi

Leopold Community Hub, Victoria, Australia

The Leopold Community Centre project was a great opportunity to show our dedication to meeting our client’s needs, working within their constraints and delivering stunning results.

In this instance, our client, GHD Consulting Engineers, had NCC and Australian Standards that needed to be met, so they took advantage of the high quality but low power consumption of our LED products.

The LED Advance gave GHD the best performance results, met their technical requirements and also allowed them to design creative fittings. With its slimline design and seamless flexibility, the LED Advance was able to be made into shapes that were not attainable with T5 products.

And the best part? Our ability to manufacture the fittings locally enabled us to execute this project with a very short lead time.

The Leopold Community Centre was a project we took great pleasure being involved in. We were able to collaborate with our client so we could meet their standards; provide high quality, custom fittings and truly bring the designer’s vision to life.