Electrolux Showroom

Electrolux Showroom, New South Wales, Australia

When an innovative team of architects, interior designers and engineers collaborate on a new showroom for a global leader in household appliances, the final design takes you on a truly amazing journey.

The Electrolux brand, with their thoughtful and innovative appliances, is a household name for many Australian families. As global leaders in their field, their user-centric designs are developed through researching and observing people’s wants and needs. Bokor Architecture + Interiors and Shelmerdines Consulting Engineers have truly captured this essence with the design of the new Sydney showroom.

Walking through the front doors, you’ll find your natural curiosity carrying you through the space as your eyes are drawn to the white slatted ceiling disappearing into the horizon. Our petite Pico LED is perfectly surface mounted in the thin spaces of the slats, having been powder coated white to subtly provide just the right amount of light to gently guide your way.

Suddenly, the floor opens to the belly of the showroom with the Electrolux products in situ. Encapsulating the different areas, and powder coated with a natural silver to match the colouring of the floor and the finishing of the products, you are invited to experience the best of Electrolux by our Swerve LED. Here the globally responsible approach of Electrolux as a company is represented in the holistic, round shapes of the LED’s and the flooring, while also providing visual interest when contrasted with the straight lines of the products.

When you’ve finished browsing, the dark ceiling and cozy light from of our wire suspended Kleo LED’s invites you to meander over and relax while you reflect on your journey.

To find out more about how Bokor Interiors + Architecture and Shelmerdines Consulting Engineers used the mLight products to bring the Electrolux story to life in their new Sydney Showroom, call our head office on +613 8786 3311.

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