DECO Innovation Centre

DECO Innovation Centre, New South Wales, Australia

The DECO Innovation Centre is now open!… and they are excited to show you through.

We have been working the clients to elevate our lighting solutions and finishes beyond that of standard offerings. mLight has used a variety of DECO finishes on our linear fittings, creating unique solutions that complement interior schemes. The client wanted to take it to the next level for their newly-built showroom, highlighting how expressive you can go with finishing products.

The Kleo X 78 linear profile – coupled with the mLight Touch smart lighting system – has allowed the client to control their lighting with ease. The light fittings work perfectly within the space, where the architect has developed the perfect synergy of using the client’s material to every advantage. The selected finishes both blend in and stand out in different areas of the showroom main foyer.

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